-    -  Roma

The Roma Collection is a tribute to the eponymous eternal city, the cradle of our civilization where the history and remnants of ancient places remain visible while coexisting with the contemporary.

Rome’s jewelry historically evokes Misani’s history, enhanced through the use of elements that represent the compositional language of the brand’s origins. Hammered gold, a technique linked to Misani’s identity, is entirely handcrafted and takes the shape of a twisted cylinder, forced into a material made of waves, curves and ripples that always prove unique and unprecedented in each piece of jewelry.Adding liveliness to the essential and vibrant composition are faceted stones embedded in the beating: tanzanite with a deep blue color, citrine quartz with a warm orange color, aquamarine and pink tourmaline. The Roma collection refers to the generative dimension of the elements where, ancient workings and primary lines become the founding language.