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first steps

In 1965 the company opens in Milan, where it gains immediate success. The hammered gold is the leading technique, an ancient manufacturing method reinvented in order to captivate the man of the twentieth century. This is the first pillar of Misani jewelry: to be timeless within every epoch, because of its innate modernity.


the materials revolution

The awareness of the intrinsic artistic value of Misani jewelry allows the experimentation with unusual materials. To mention some, leather, borrowed from the ancient Masai tradition, and perspex, a plastic material beforehand never used for jewelry.



It's 1981 when via Montenapoleone, heart of Milan's fashion district, is enriched with a new unique shop: Misani selects a prestigious location to show its stunning creations. These years' collections are an authentic triumph of beauty: explosive, original, the perfect blend of art and technical innovation.


Jewelry ambassador

Thanks to its unique style, unmistakable even at the furthest distances, and thanks to the collaboration with international artists such as Michael Good and Hiromi Tochihara, Misani lands on the Pacific coast, gaining its spot as previously done in Europe.


The renovation

On its 50th anniversary Misani decides to get renewed. Strong because of a name to live up to, reinforced by the intervention of new young protagonists, and ready to achieve new goals. With such an history behind, being leaders of the present becomes an imperative.