1965 The company opened its doors in Milan and became an immediate success story. The favorite type of workmanship was hammered gold, an ancestral technique which Misani revived and reinvented in order to captivate and charm those of the twentieth century. The primary and fundamental characteristic for all Misani Jewelry is to be timeless: its innate avant-garde quality withstands any epoch. THE FIRST STEPS '70 Awareness of the intrinsic artistic value of Misani jewelry allowed for experimentation with new and unusual materials. The use of leather, borrowed from the ancient Masai tradition, and Perspex, a plastic material, to name two examples, were never used in fine jewelry before. IT’S NOT ALL ABOUT WEIGHT 80s It was in 1981 that via Montenapoleone, in the heart of the Milanese fashion district, was enriched with a new and unique space when Misani selected a very prestigious location to showcase their amazing talents. The collections produced in this period reveal a marriage between art and technical innovation and the results, to this day, are an authentic explosion of originality, creativity and beauty. AVANT-GARDE 90s Thanks to its highly recognizable style, desire to reach all corners of the globe and collaboration with established international artists such as Michael Good and Hiromi Tochihara, Misani reached the Pacific coast and established the brand there, just as it had done in Europe. JEWELERY AMBASSADOR 2015 During Misani’s 50th year anniversary, the company is reborn. Strengthened by a name that will continue to live up to high expectations and reinvigorated by new young protagonists, Misani is ready to achieve new goals. At the top of the list: the opening of their Milanese boutique in the historic Brera district. THE RENEWAL 2020 With such a rich past, being protagonists of the present is imperative for Misani. The jewelry speaks of craftsmanship and Italian tradition with a contemporary flair. The philosophy of Misani, historically the use of new and experimental ideas and methods, is unwavering in its vision towards the future, continually introducing new collections recognized for innovation and originality. BRIGHT FUTURE
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